Project Description


Start/finish: Ongoing

Brief: This is a self-initiated project. I collect postcards of seaside towns on the south coast of England, taken in the 1960s and 1970s. These are often found in charity shops in the same towns, including Eastbourne where I live. When I have selected the ones I find most interesting I take them back to the location where the original photograph was made. Remaking the original image is technically more challenging than it may appear. The original shots would have been made by a professional, commercial photographer possibly using a medium format camera. I choose to use a digital SLR. Placing the postcard into the original location does something that really interests me. It collapses time (then and now), it confuses my visual understanding of what I am looking at (real and reproduction) and it allows me to pay respect to the changing, social and cultural, history of british seaside towns.